Sophie Dee Bio

sophie-dee-070912-01Fun loving sex bomb, Sophie Dee, had a large variety of jobs before breaking into the porn industry in 2005. She was a waitress at a cafe, she delivered newspapers, served tea and scones at a bakery, sold clothes and phones in stores and warehouses, and other jobs as well. All of them left her bored and dissatisfied. Once Sophie started modeling, she discovered her calling doing something that she loved. She adored the attention that she got from it and the money was good.

Sophie spent a few years posing topless for the Daily Sport Newspaper in the United Kingdom. She also ended up stripping and lap dancing. She was really enjoying it all and porn seemed like the logical next step. The glamour, the attention from fans, and the ability to get paid for sex while having fun and trying new things all the time, keeps Sophie excited about her job. She hasn’t had a dull workday since joining.

The doe-eyed Venus was born January 17, 1984 in Llanelli, South Wales and grew up there and in England. She was a tomboy who was always getting into trouble and grounded. Close with her family, Sophie discussed joining the adult industry with them before she did it. She wasn’t asking permission, she just wanted to keep them informed. She is very open about what she does for a living, even with strangers. She likes when she gets recognized in public, and with around 500 porn flicks to her credit, it happens fairly frequently.

The 5’4” DD dream babe loves sex, but does maintain interests and hobbies outside of it. She is really into movies and has even had her own review site. She has acted in B movies and appeared in the mainstream comedy, A Haunted House 2. She also loves to cook and hang out with her dogs. Additionally, she has been known to help raise funds for charities and has attended several Aids walks.

Sophie Dee is sweet and sensual as well as a sexual deviant. She has the curves and beauty to be successful in softcore only, but chooses to perform in raw, uncensored sex. She is best known for her interracial, anal, and double penetration scenes. She is unapologetic in her explicit performances and fans just can’t get enough. She has won multiple industry awards and is always, just a click away.

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